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Roadrunner Series - Spring 2018


  • Dr. Ian Maddieson (UC Berkeley/UNM Linguistics). Language adapts to environment. [24 January 2018]. Video available here.
  • Carlos Enrique Ibarra (UNM Spanish & Portuguese). Spanglish in Intermediate-Advanced Heritage Language Students: Attitudes and Production. [2 March 2018]. Video available here.
  • Andrés Sabogal (UNM Linguistics). Possession Constructions in Wayuunaiki. [9 March 2018]. Video available here.
  • Dr. Jason Timm (UNM Linguistics). R Workshop for Ling Grads. [23 & 30 March 2018]. Abstract available here.
  • Dr. Caroline Smith (UNM Linguistics). Articulatory correlates of prominence in French: Comparing L1 and L2 speakers. [2 April 2018]. Abstract available here.
  • Dr. Rebecca Blum-Martínez (UNM Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies). Bilingual Education in New Mexico [6 April 2018]. Abstract available here.
  • Yuliana Kenfield (UNM Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies). Decolonial Gestures of bilingual Quechua-Spanish college students towards language ideologies. [20 April 2018]. Video available here.