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Best Poster Presentation Award

The Best Poster Presentation Award, sponsored by an open-access journal languages, is presented to 

The neural basis of syntactic processing in American Sign Language: An fMRI study

Agnes Villwock1,2, William Matchin2, Austin Roth2, Deniz Ilkbasaran2, Marla Hatrak2, Eric Halgren2, and Rachel Mayberry2

1Universität Hamburg; 2University of California, San Diego


HDLS 13 Best Graduate Students Poster Presentations Award:  

Se enojó y me quiqueó: Mixed Verb Processing in Spanish Heritage and L2 Speakers

Desirée Ramírez-Urbaneja and Mark Cisneros (University of New Mexico)

HDLS 13 Best Undergraduate Students Poster Presentation Award:

Food marketing and socioeconomic status: How language targets groups' identity

Dawn Nordquist, Lacey Chrisco, Wilho MacNeil, Daron Chee, and Brett Moehn (University of New Mexico)

Last Updated: 11/11/2018